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Founded by Marc de Verneuil (architect, critic)

Lieu d'archivage, de recherche et de transmission né en 1994 qui explore le Land Art dans une perspective aussi bien historique, critique que prospective. Il s’adresse à «un public aussi large que possible» (Gerry Schum)
Fondé par Marc de Verneuil (architecte, critique)

« Le Land Art est une pure fiction ; voilà pourquoi nous l'observons »
Land Art is purely fictional; that is why we observe it” (OBSART)

vendredi 13 avril 2012

Natur-Skulptur, DE (1981)

Sep 1 - Nov 2, 1981
Württembergischer Kunstverein (Stuttgart, Germany)

I. Nature-related works as the expression of dialectical concepts (Nature/Philosophy) and as associative reactions to early cultures.
Hamish Fulton (UK)
Michael Heizer (US)
Manfred Hoinka (DE)
Richard Long (UK)
Dennis Oppenheim (US)
Robert Smithson (US)

II. Landscape-related works as a means of conveying natural processes, of making one conscious of natural conditions and forces (primary experiences) which determine and influence life: space, time, light, gravity, movement, statics-dynamics, changes of state.
Cecile Abish (US)
Dominique Arel (FR)
Victoria Bell (US)
Karl Ciesluk (US)
Jan Dibbets (NL)
Eberhard Eckerle (DE)
Hawoli (DE)
Nancy Holt (US)
Jan Meyer-Rogge (DE)
Karen Shirley (US)
Rudolf Wachter (DE)


III. Landscape-related works as documents of remains of time, traces of the self, experiences of the self, self-knowledge: characteristics of identity of one's own existence.
Michael Enneper (DE)
Richard Fleischner (US)
Mary Miss (US)

Karina Raeck (DE)
Michael Singer (US)
Nils-Udo (DE)
Carl Vetter (DE) 

IV. Landscape-related works, material interferences in landscape as a social strategy with an aim towards social criticism.
Christo (US-BUL)
Andrew Leicester (UK)
Robert Ressler (US)
Gary Rieveschl (DE)
Alan Sonfist (US)
Jan Sullivan (?)
George Trakas (CAN)
Thomas Woodruff (US)
Susan Zurcher (US)

(excerpt from the catalog)

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