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Founded by Marc de Verneuil (architect, critic)

Lieu d'archivage, de recherche et de transmission né en 1994 qui explore le Land Art dans une perspective aussi bien historique, critique que prospective. Il s’adresse à «un public aussi large que possible» (Gerry Schum)
Fondé par Marc de Verneuil (architecte, critique)

« Le Land Art est une pure fiction ; voilà pourquoi nous l'observons »
Land Art is purely fictional; that is why we observe it” (OBSART)

mardi 17 juin 2014

Nancy Holt Memorial | Sun Tunnels (06/2014)

“Nancy Holt Memorial at Sun Tunnels”
June 21, 2014 (19-22:00 pm) 
An invitation by:
Hikmet S. Loe, Tom Martinelli and Matthew Coolidge

Join us to celebrate the life and work of Nancy Holt (1938-2014) at her sculpture Sun Tunnels, in the Utah desert, on this Summer Solstice, June 21, 2014. 

This is an informal memorial and celebration, open to the public, with no scheduled events - other than the sunset lining up in the tunnels, around 8:30 p.m.
We are encouraging people to come on their own, being prepared for high desert conditions: remote, waterless, treeless, hot, cold, and spectacular.

As Nancy said in a 1998 interview, "Sun Tunnels brings people to a site they would not have gone to otherwise, even the local people there don't go out to this particular area. They were amazed that I would find anything special about it, that I would want to spend time there and build a sculpture there. As soon as Sun Tunnels was finished, I had a summer solstice celebration."


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